Pime Feel Up Ampoule Gold

This product contains oligopeptides that heal and support skin tissue.
8 kinds of powerful peptide ingredients will present anti wrinkle effect, skin regeneration, hydration as well as anti aging effct.

  • Full of moisture
  • Anti-aging
  • Restoration of the skin
  • Enhancement of elasticity

Pime Feel Up Ampoule White

This product helps for whitening and inhibits activation of melanin pigment as it contains arbutin which is Vaccinium Macrocarpon (Cranberry) Fruit Extract. Thus, it helps to prevent pigmentation.

  • Improvement of skin tone
  • Autogenic power of the skin
  • Skin whitening
  • Wrinkle improvement

Pime Remade Ampoule

Remade ampoule containing skin-friendly natural components is helpul for skin troubles and acne, leaving your skin white, bright, and shiny. Using highly concentrated materials from nature, it allows you to enjoy healthy skin and your own natural beauty.

  • Skin Calming (Include Bee Venom)
  • Moisturizing (Include collagen)
  • Anti-Wrinkle (Include Adenosine)
  • Tone-Up (Include Niacinamide)

Pime Feel Up Sinbi Serum

Brightening serum that is treated with oriental medicinal ingredients
The harmony of Broussonetia Extract / Morus Alba Bark Extract / Arbutin 

  • Brightening (melanin-care) improvement
  • Problematic skin care
  • Strong skin moisturizing 
  • Calming effects

Pime Remade Serum

Bee venom, the highly-concentrated raw material, supplies abundant moisture and nutrition to the tired skin. Excellent for skin troubles such as acne. 

  • Skin Calming (Include Bee Venom)
  • Moisturizing (Include collagen)
  • Anti-Wrinkle (Include Adenosine)
  • Tone-Up (Include Niacinamide)

Pime Remade Cream

Clear and brighten dull skin such as freckles, blemishes, freckles, etc..
Good to skin brightening cream

  • Skin confidence
  • Challenges from inside to bright skin
  • Make to bright for facial skin
  • Contains natural extracts
  • Full moisturizing effect of vegetable ingredients.

Pime Remade Eye To Neck Cream

Rich natural ingredients provide nutrients for whitening and improving wrinkles on the skin and face.

  • Amazing skin absorption
  • Provides rich skin moisturizing membrane with water-soluble collagen
  • Adenosine to improve wrinkles
  • Tone-up with bright skin with niacinamide

Pime Remade Cleansing Foam

It has not only cleansing power that removes simply make up or impurities, but also, this skin care product fills with moisture and nutrients without damaging skin barrier. 

  • Skin soothing & Hydration
  • Skin conditioning effect
  • Safe and natural ingredients
  • Supply of high elasticity

Pime Remade Collagen Toner & Lotion

Moisturizing Moisture that fills the dermis layer of the skin first
Toner & lotion to revive elasticity of skin with Marine Collagen!

  • Rich Marine Collagen (Toner 93% / Lotion 86%)
  • Skin elasticity reinforced marine collagen
  • Concentrating Elasticity
  • Strong moisturizing function trehalose

Pime Remade Mask Pack

Bee venom component makes your skin cleaner and softer
Highly concentrated natural bee venom supplies plentiful moisture and nutrition to your tired skin.
Outstanding efficacy to treat troubled skin and acne

  • Compensates for moisture with collagen
  • More than 20 natural components
  • Amazing skin adhesion and comport

Pime Modeling Mask

The PIME modeling mask is a home-esthetic product that helps to penetrate deep into the skin with rich effective ingredients to take care of the underlying concerns of the skin.

  • Vitamin (Skin gloss, Moisture charge)
  • Yogurt (Skin purification, Enhancement of elasticity)
  • Pearl (Skin tone up, Enhancement of elasticity)
  • Collagen ( Nutritional supply, Skin health)
  • Tea tree (Dry skin type, Hydration, Shine)